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This helps increase the life of your support as it expands/shrinks as life changes.


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01. Drop Support Video

Drop Support
01. Drop Support Video
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01. Drop Support Video

01. Drop Support Video

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02. Ollie and Drop Support

02. Ollie and Drop Support

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05. Heartland Supported Living

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03. Drop Support and Parkinson's

03. Drop Support and Parkinson's

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Minimizing Injuries with:



Muscular Dystrophy

Physical Therapy

Senior's Safety


Home Health

and More

Drop Support can add safety around:




Public School's

Wheelchair Transfer

Walk Assistance

Balance & Stability

and More


"The fall is half the problem. The other half is the lack of fall support itself".

Many Families in America and around the world who have a responsibility of caring for loved ones that suffer from fall related conditions, are faced with a challenging problem!


So what is the problem?

The problem is how best to provide fall support to minimize injury?

Here at Drop Support, we try to support those that are unable to support themselves, by providing family members, caregivers, and practitioners another means of supporting their loved ones and patients during a fall.

Let's change the old fashion way of providing fall support, to something more reliable.

Why Drop Support?

Because Drop Support has the opportunity to help families regain their sense of security in fall support, one drop at a time. 

It gives families a new sense of hope.

The Challenge

Not being able to support those that need it the most, but we can change that, not only for you, but for them.

The Change

Drop Support is unique in that it secures the user's whole upper body, with one centralized point of contact. It's this centralized point of contact that enables you to provide full fall support for the whole upper body, without the need of bear hugging.

A support system that can impact your lives forever.

When we don't have a better means of minimizing injury during a fall, who suffers the most?

Benefits of Drop Support

It gives the user the freedom to once again walk unrestricted by us, but to feel supported at the same time

Full Upper Body Support that provides more leverage to help break the fall

The added shoulder & chest straps stops the user from falling forward.


A waist belt alone cannot provide this type of support.

Helps slow the decent of the user to minimize injury

Support Handle can aid in changing the direction of a fall to avoid hitting objects

How it works

An assistant secures the harness onto the user, and adjusts for a snug fit.  

The assistant utilizes the support handle for the following:


The assistant monitors the user for signs of instability.


If the user becomes unstable, the assistant can aid the user in regaining their center of gravity, balance and stability. 


Changing or altering the directional fall. This is important when in confined space's such as kitchen and bathrooms.


 Slowing the user's decent to the floor in a safe and controlled manner.

Can also be used to assist in helping the user up off the floor.