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Drop Support is intended to be used with an assistant around the home, going out for walks in the park, walking the dog, going out to the mall, and much more. The key attribute of Drop Support is the support handle. Which allows an assistant to gain better leverage over the user during a fall.


This leverage is important in 2 key areas: first, the support handle not only acts like a point of contact between the user and the assistant to slow the decent of the fall, but secondly, it can be utilized to alter the direction of the fall.

This allows an assistant to more manageable and safely guide the user away from objects that can cause serious injury.

How it Works

Drop Support. Fall Support with Drop Support. Drop Support harness


The assistant monitors the user for instability and in the event that the user begins to become unstable or falls, the assistant must grab the support handle to provide steadying pressure to the user’s upper body, helping them to regain stability in an upright position. If, in the event the user is unable to regain stability, the assistant can use the support handle to slow the user’s descent to the floor thus minimizing the severity of any safety problem from falls.


If the user is falling forward, the assistant should grasp the upper most part of the support handle, give a firm and smooth pull upward and towards them, allowing the user to rest up against them. This will aid the user in regaining stability.


In the event the user is unable to regain stability, the assistant should stand on the side of the user while grasping the upper most part of the support handle, and give a firm, smooth pull, directing the user towards them. Firmly and smoothly pull the handle upward with one hand, and, with another hand, either hold the user under the elbow or under the arm pit.


Keep a wide base of support. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with one foot slightly ahead of the other.

While supporting the user, squat down, bending at the hips and knees only, to lower the user to the floor.

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