Drop Support Harness

Drop Support Harness

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Drop Support harness is a unique, upper body harness that wraps around the user’s waist, chest and torso, with an attached central handle running the length of the torso. The support handle is a point of contact between the user of the harness and the person assisting the user (“assistant”).



  • One-Time purchase for years of fall support
  • More control over falls to reduce injuries
  • Support Handle allows for a higher grab then a gait belt to reduce back strain
  • More control over forward facing falls due to the shoulder and chest straps
  • Being able to manage the directional fall to avoid hitting objects that can cause injury
  • Aiding in fall prevention in dangerous parts of the home: Kitchen, Bathrooms, & Stairs
  • Assisting Parents & Grandparents around the home and standing up from a seated position.
  • Limit Wheelchair Usage
  • Adjustable for a snug fit
  • No unwanted hanging straps
  • Walk Unrestricted
  • Max Weight Capacity

    No more than 250 lbs

  • Warning

    • The user or family members should consult their doctor if there is reason to doubt their fitness to safely absorb the pressure received from the harness during a fall. Age and fitness seriously affect a user’s ability to withstand falls. Pregnant women must not use Drop Support harness nor be an assistant to the user. The elderly should also not be an assistant to the user.
  • Return Policy

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    • Products showing signs of use or missing labels are not considered new, and are thus non-returnable.
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  • Washing Instructions

    • Clean full body harness with water and a mild soap solution. Do not use bleach or bleach solutions. Wipe off hardware with a clean, dry cloth, and hang to air dry. Do not force dry with heat. An excessive buildup of dirt, paint, etc. may prevent the Drop Support harness from working properly, and in severe cases, degrade the webbing to a point where it weakens and should be removed from use.
  • International Import Cost

    Please be aware the international shipping cost does not include import cost. Import cost is buyer responsibility.

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